Apr 24, 2010

Sid the Kid

Sidney Samson has escaped from the ash-choked skies over continental Europe to come and blow-up Venue tomorrow night in Vancouver. Here's a big stack of Sidney Samson tracks to get you primed.

First, Rise Up. A true grinder, collaboratively produced by Sidney Samson and fellow Dutch DJ Don Diablo:

Don Diablo & Sidney Samson - Rise Up (dub)  [dl]

Moombah is one of those tracks from last summer that kind of marked the beginning of the Dutch takeover... We used to rinse the Afrojack remix like crazy... Here's Sidney Samson's  redo, which has aged better than both the original and Afrojack's remix:

Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie - Moombah (Sidney Samson Remix) [dl]

We made this edit (well, Matt made it) right when we first heard Riverside; then Riverside became everyone's favorite dance song:

Sidney Samson - Riverside (Ex Youth Tribal Re-chop) [dl]

This is brand new, from Sidney Samson's latest EP, which you really should go and buy. Huge remix by Youngblood Will Bailey and Youngblood alumni LA Riots:

Sidney Samson - Come On Let's Go (Will Bailey & LA Riots Remix) [dl]

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