May 28, 2010


What more needs to be said? You saw how the last show went down.

In celebration of tonight, here's a couple of our fave Boys Noize remixes:

Boys Noize - "Let's Buy Happiness (Proxy Remix)"

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - "Lemonade (John Roman Remix)"

Boys Noize - "Sweet Light (Boris Dlugosch Remix)"

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - "Lemonade (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33's Remix)"

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - "Death Suite (Bobermann Edit)"

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - "Avalanche (Pop Rawkus Remix)"

& we're also giving away 2 pairs of TICKETS for the show. All you gotta do is e-mail and tell us what BOYS NOIZE' real name is. That's it! Supah easy! We'll contact the winners A.S.A.P. Well that was fast. They're all gone! Thanks kiddies!

See you TONIGHT!

May 26, 2010

J-Wow vs. da Genie

J-Wow O Dedo from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

J-Wow's latest tune just dropped today on Mad Decent. The release comes loaded with remixes from SBTRKT and Bird Peterson and this wild video from Vancouver's own Genie aka Denis Rigets aka Erik Devbro.

Get yours via iTunes here:

May 25, 2010


Not much to say about the latest release/freeload from Lucid (via Scattermish) except that it's completely f*ck'n mental. Head to Scatterblog for more info on Lucid and to download the entire release fo' freeeeeeeeee...

May 21, 2010


A-Trak has graciously offered up the sequel to his 2007 mixtape Dirty South Dance for free download. Rap acapellas from your fave songs + your fave Electro tracks + A-Trak = Dirty South Dance:

Cop-eth Here


1. Intro 01:08
2. Trizzy Turnt Up 03:26
3. How Low Can U Bake 03:12
4. We Don't Want No Goblins 03:15
5. She Got a Dum Donk 03:00
6. Whatever You Shoot 03:31
7. Ice Cream On Blast 03:32
8. Carte Blanche ft. Kid Sister: Do! Do! Do! 03:20
9. Twerk That Driver 02:36
10. Vampires Going Ham 02:41
11. Loonies To Blow 03:27
12. Make The Trap Wile Out 02:16
13. O Let's Overdo It 03:39
14. Donnis: Gone (DJ Craze remix) 03:58
15. Ain't I A Joker 04:01

May 20, 2010

Felix Cartal - "World Class Driver (Harvard Bass Remix)"

Check out this video (from Felix Cartal's blog) of Harvard Bass explaining how he remixed Felix Cartal's next single "World Class Driver". It should be out June 15th on Dim Mak Records... BANG0R!

In Depth: World Class Driver Remix w/ Harvard Bass (for from felix cartal on Vimeo.

Bonus D/L: Felix Cartal - "World Class Driver (Keatch Remix)"

Video: Mr. Flash - Flesh

"FLESH" Mr Flash Music video from Cédric BLAISBOIS on Vimeo.

Yikes! This is barely SFW.

May 19, 2010


Them Jeans has been on a roll lately. He just posted this super club-friendly re-do of NGUZUNGUZU's El Bebe Amiente. Check it out below and then pay a visit to his Soundcloud page for more...



We also really like his Yeasayer remix, which you can grab here.

May 18, 2010

Favela on Blast

"Favela on Blast, the directorial film debut from Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, Diplo, and his partner Leandro HBL, documents a vibrant and innovative musical subculture that has emerged in Brazil's impoverished slums, known as favelas. Well beneath the radar of mainstream society for the last 20 years, they have their own language, style and heroes. Their music and culture have gone mostly unnoticed outside of South America until now.  Favela on Blast captures the rarely seen stories of MC's, DJ's, dancers, and cultural producers through the eyes of Diplo and Brazilian filmmaker Leandro HBL, with memorable appearances from funk superstars Deize, Tigrona, Mr. Catra, and Duda Do Borell.

Primary 1 - Princess

Just got these remixes of Primary 1's new tune Princess. It's been a totally crazy weekend... We DJ'd with Chuckie, Bart B More, launched the new Radio Zero website and then partied with all of our friends at Ice Cream Social last night. Needless, it's a bit tough to type right now...Both of these remixes are excellent; I recommend MJ Cole's for the club and CHLLNGR's for the beach.

Primary 1 - Princess (MJ Cole Remix)

Primary 1 - Princess (CHLLNGR Remix)



Hey kiddies, our track "CANNIBALISTIC" is FINALLY OUT! Turned On Vol. 1 (curated by Neoteric) dropped on Beatport TODAY via Discobelle Records and we're super stoked! GO AND BUY IT:

01. Nadastrom Save Us (John Roman Nigerian Dub)
02. Mikix The Cat – Hot Block
03. Expendable Youth – Cannibalistic
04. Sharkslayer – Hammerhead (Dub)
05. Noob – Warehouse
06. Gingy – Thermite
07. Brodinski ft Radioclit – Plz Let Mi Fuk Ya
08. Schlachthofbronx – Ayoba (Highbloo Remix)
09. Will Bailey – Slap
10. Knight Riderz – Party Alarm
11. Kid Kaio – SaxTape
12. Milt Mortez – Pluto
13. Dem Slackers – Illindian
14. One Nil – Congo Static
15. NT89 & Sick Boy – Delerium
16. No Hedgehogs – Square Square Everywhere
17. Crookers – Natural Born Hustler (Savage Skulls Remix)

& we've got two AWESOME remixes (courtesy of LOL Boys & Samo Sound Boy) of "Cannibalistic" up for download:

Expendable Youth - "Cannibalistic (Samo Sound Boy Remix)"

Expendable Youth - "Cannibalistic (LOL Boys Remix)"

Thanks for all the support and GO AND BUY OUR TRACK!

May 17, 2010

DJ Mehdi & Riton present: Carte Blanche

So I guess DJ Mehdi (FR) and Riton (UK) decided they had a lot in common-- namely a deep love for Chicago & Detroit house & techno-- so they decided to move in together, living an idyllic life for a year in Paris doing nothing but making tracks.

According to Mehdipedia, the result of this live-in collabo is a project called Carte Blanche and it's supposed to be dropping on Ed Banger Records soon... which is nice to hear, because those guys haven't done anything relevant (outside of maybe Breakbot) since 2007. Here's a preview:

Also, according to Mehdi “DJ MEHDI and RITON will tour as CARTE BLANCHE in May and June 2010, visiting all major cities in Europe and North-America. Four decks, one mixer, and a TR 909, of course. No bangers, strictly house music. Their first EP is set to drop on ED BANGER in May 2010 as well.”

May 13, 2010


Check out the official video from Steve Aoki at Ink House 2010 during the Olympics. Jeepers!

Ink House 2010 Feb 17 - Steve Aoki in Vancover - BluePrint from BluePrint Events on Vimeo.

May 12, 2010

CANNIBALISTIC x Turned On Vol. 1

The long wait is FINALLY over! Expendable Youth's first track, "Cannibalistic" is coming out May 18th!

Via Discobelle:


After the great success of the Mystery Mix competition on Discobelle that we did together with DJ Neoteric (DJ/Producer and A&R for Dubsided) the idea for making it into a compilation came up, since most of the tracks were unreleased. It later grew into something bigger where Neoteric dug in his vaults, and put his ears to the street to gather this collection of great club tracks from friends and artists he’s been working with over the years. There’s something for everyone on this compilation, from speaker mashers, to house groovers, to pounding techno music, this compilation has it all! With early support for Crookers, Annie Mac, Brodinski, Jaymo & Andy George, MSTRKRFT, LA Riots, Malente and many others! Keep an eye out for its release, May 18th!

“The compilation rocks and Crookers are the biggest Italian Funky pizza ever!” /Crookers

“This is simply SICK …love so many tracks on it!!” /Brodinski

Turned On: Vol 1 (Compiled by Neoteric). Release Date: May 18th, 2010 on Beatport.


01. Nadastrom Save Us (John Roman Nigerian Dub)
02. Mikix The Cat – Hot Block
03. Expendable Youth – Cannibalistic
04. Sharkslayer – Hammerhead (Dub)
05. Noob – Warehouse
06. Gingy – Thermite
07. Brodinski ft Radioclit – Plz Let Mi Fuk Ya
08. Schlachthofbronx – Ayoba (Highbloo Remix)
09. Will Bailey – Slap
10. Knight Riderz – Party Alarm
11. Kid Kaio – SaxTape
12. Milt Mortez – Pluto
13. Dem Slackers – Illindian
14. One Nil – Congo Static
15. NT89 & Sick Boy – Delerium
16. No Hedgehogs – Square Square Everywhere
17. Crookers – Natural Born Hustler (Savage Skulls Remix) (Bonus track in some regions)

Heres the sampler, which features a taste of all 17 tracks!

Expendable Youth - May 2010 Chart & Mix

We're late with the May chart because Matt had to make a trip down souf. This month we've got a bit of everything, from Kink's classic house throwback, to Benga tippin' his cap to DJ Assault. Plus exclusives from Totally Enormous Extinct Dino's and a Brodinski & Radioclit BOMB which is due out May 18th on Turned On Vol. 1. (Along with Ex Youth's own Cannibalistic!)

Enjoy, you fuckers.

May 2010 Top 10 Minimix by Expendable Youth

1. Kink - Existence
2. Gregor Salto & Mokoomba - Messe Messe (Afro Dub)
3. Four Tet - Sing (Hard House Banton Indian Chants Remix)
4. Apster - Bubble Gutz
5. Brodinski feat. Radioclit - Pls Let Mi Fuk Ya
6. Samo Sound Boy - Taking it All
7. Modeselektor - Art & Cash (SBTRKT Remix)
8. Silvia Ecomo & Chuckie - Moombah (Starfoxxx Juke Remix)
9. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs feat. Riko - Blood Pressure
10. Benga - No Bra, No Panties

May 11, 2010


Check out Sidney Samson dropping his new collabo with Steve Aoki, "Wake Up", at YOUNGBLOOD Sundays:

Planet Turbo

From the Turbo Recordings website:

Planet | Turbo has begun! This is where the action will be at for the next little while:

Beginning on April 29 and continuing through August, Turbo will present a new series of events, headlined by Tiga. The shows will feature an incredible array of performers (Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, 2ManyDJs, Zombie Nation, Ivan Smagghe, PROXY, Sei A, Jori Hulkkonen, Thomas Von Party).

“We dreamt up the concept by the ecologically sustainable fireplace at Turbo Headquarters, located deep in the Mountains of Montreal,” says Tiga, calling from a mobile payphone. “The tour is something of a Victory Lap celebrating its own inevitable triumph. We’ve run the numbers, and we’ve talked to people from Main Street to Sweat Boulevard. We know what our party people want, and they’re going to get it so good.”

The “Planet Turbo” tour will be mirrored by the release of exclusive content, including remixes of Turbo and Tiga classics, plus new material from a veritable who’s-hooray of the biggest names in dance music. There will also be a wealth of bonus Web features, as Turbo artists and friends share their unbelievably unique perspectives on the countries visited.

“The tour will take us to the U.S., Canada, Holland, the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Serbia, Belgium, Portugal and Sweden. I did plenty of research beforehand, to make sure these places fit our definition of ‘planet’. We wanted to concentrate on the Earth’s surface, meaning we had to turn down a couple of dates at Magmafest and Crust Sensations,” says Tiga, removing an enormous drill from the front of his mixer.

“What we’re doing is like planting trees all over the world, but far more important. When you sow a funky idea in the soul of a young person, the sky ain’t no kind of limit. And I intend to reap, creep.”

May 10, 2010

Etienne de Crecy & DIM

Etienne de Crecy's 'Hope' EP was released digitally today via Pixadelic. The five free live tracks recorded from de Crecy's set in Bogota and released in support of his latest EP are still available online as well.

Djedjotronic and DIM round out the EP with no-bullsh*t remixes of the title track. Highly rec'd.

Here's the DIM remix. Go get the rest.

Etienne De Crecy - Hope (DIM Remix) [dl]


May 8, 2010

Drop the Lime - Sex Sax

This JUST went up on the Trouble & Bass Youtube channel, and was much asked about after Drop the Lime included it in his January mix.

Release date is June 29th. BIG tune!