Apr 8, 2010

Momma's Boy vs. Mikix the Cat - AT NIGHT EP

More promo goodness from Nightshifters!

"Mike Gnacadja is exploding on the international scene! Hot off his releases on Sound Pellegrino and Anabatic as Momma’s Boy and AKA bass-merchant MikiX the Cat with the Trouble and Bass crew. We’re proud to present both sides of his musical personality on “At Night”! The combination delivers a massive house sound laced with a touch of tropical, a seasoning of bass and generous portion of good-old rave, “At Night” is destined to be international smash!

DOWNLOAD: Momma's Boy -vs- MikiX the Cat - "At Night (Original)"
BUY the whole release on Juno Download HERE.

The Ep starts with the title track - “At Night” – a peak-time-hands-in-the-air-sweat-down-the-back-rave-infused-house-banger like we just don't hear much these days. Then moves on to “Like That” full of a warbling signal alarm and tribal percussion – keep them hands in the air. “Down To The Floor” keeps the massive house party vibe in full effect with a touch of UKF in the mix and we round out the originals with more huge house/rave action with “Party Rock”! It’s a hurricane of party-awesomeness!

As always here at Nightshifters we got some killer remixes! Italy’s Supabeatz takes “At Night” and kicks up the squelchy synths while French newcomer Søvngaer flips the same into a melodic house progression. Austin’s Dubbel Dutch cools down the original with some smooth chords before he kranks up the rave-stabs. Australia’s Act Yo Age pushes “At Night” deeper with some creamy house and Nightshifters label head DJ Donna Summer takes you on a bass-fueled trip to the underground."

Momma's Boy vs MikiX the Cat - At Night from Nightshifters on Vimeo.

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