Jul 29, 2010

Canblaster - Jetpack

If you've been to Youngblood in the past coupla' weeks, then you've heard this tune... BIG new one from Club Cheval's own CANBLASTER....

Here's a rmx for u too by THE TALK

Canblaster - Jetpack (The Talk Remix)

Jul 28, 2010

Sound Pellegrino x Scion A/V Compilation

Scion A/V just slipped this brand new Sound Pellegrino "Straight From The Spring" compilation into our mailbox. If you didn't know, Sound Pellegrino is the brainchild of Teki Latex & Orgasmic (of Institubes fame). In their words "we love hard stuff when it's creative and groovy, and we love minimalist music when it's not boring nore serious. The first three Sound Pellegrino releases totally embody that state of mind."

Scion A/V presents: Sound Pellegrino – "Straight From The Spring" (zip file, direct link)

“Sound Pellegrino’s former mystery man Gucci Vump is back again with another inventive (and kind of creepy) track. “Shashtilism” updates Gucci Vump’s first single “Sha, Shtil!” with an even bigger klezmer influence and crazy ratatatatatatatatat drums.

Bambounou turns up the tempo with “Abodan,” a kicking combination of tribal percussion, laser pings and the whirls of a spaceship taking off back to the beginning of civilization.

Probably the mellow cut on this collection, Para One gets remixed by LA’s LOL Boys, bringing in spacious synth lines and understated vocal percussion.

Bart B More & Harvard Bass’ “Listen to This” hits hard from jump street with a pounding bassline and militaristic drums. From there things only get more commanding as the cross-continental duo of Bart B More and Harvard Bass piles on monumental build-ups and cliffhanger breakdowns.

Out One’s “Altamont” is a chill but pulsing track with a glitchy beat and dinner bell shine. Out One is an old friend of the Institubes crew, previously working with them as a mixer and a video director, but only started producing his own music in 2009. Welcome to our iTunes playlists!

Finnish house duo Renaissance Man’s Sound Pellegrino release from 2009 get a soulful remix from Paris’ dOP who offer a classic 4/4 beat, spoken word vocals, smooth keyboards and a hypnotic breakdown. It comes directly from outerspace(d out).

For this compilation, Momma’s Boy (an alter ego of Paris producer Mikix the Cat) brings “Bot Band Concerto.” The track sounds like it’s name would suggest – a futuro dancefloor smacker played by an orchestra of robots, blipping and blopping through the night.

On “Next Novel,” Myd & Sam Tiba manage to incorporate traces of house, electro, minimal, dubstep and Baltimore club into their track with impeccable European sophistication. We’re not sure what the sampled vocals are saying, but we’re pretty sure it’s not “Harry Potters,” like we originally thought.”

Jul 21, 2010

The Martin Brothers - "Steal Drums (Ex Youth Edit)"

The Dirtybird crew doesn't pop up around these parts often, but we definitely love and appreciate everything they do. However, we made an exception this time 'cause the new Martin Brothers track, "Steal Drums", has a roaring bassline that gives it instant bang0r status.

The original has some melodic stuff and techy breakdowns that made it less bang0r-y, so like the good bros we are we stripped all of that out, added a familiar vocal drop and presto, chango: "Steal Drums" is now a certified bang0r!

Preview/Download it here:

Steal Drums (Expendable Youth Get Down Edit) by Expendable Youth

and for those who like all that techy business, make sure to buy the original from Beatport.

Jul 20, 2010

LA Riots Summer 2010 Foolcast

LA Riots just dropped a new Foolcast on the Fool's Gold blog... check it out:

"Like they always do at this time, LA Riots return with another seasonal Foolcast of current favorites smashed up against their own remixes and new productions. The Summer 2010 mix is their housiest, most wiggle-inducing set to date, including a TJR mix of upcoming Riots single “The Drop” and a tease of “Control Your Tuba” off the forthcoming Fool’s Gold Compilation LP, due out this fall.

Subscribe to the Foolcast via iTunes or your favorite RSS reader at the main Foolcast page, where you can also download the download the mix directly (right click and save-as). Hit the jump for the tracklist.

1. Homework - Fissa Tune
2. Wildlife! - Jumbie
3. Djedjotronic - Bit This Thin Part 2
4. Vhyce - Basement Horns (Yolanda Be Cool Remix)
5. Marco Lys - Mombasa
6. LouLou Players, Kolombo - Wap Bam
7. Camel - Boogie Nights
8. LA Riots - The Drop (TJR Remix)
9. Bart B More - Romane (Gucci Vump Remix)
10. Tim Green - Old Sunshine
11. Jahcoozi - Namedropper (Solo Remix)
12. Riva Starr - I Was Drunk (DJ Sneak’s Drunken Main Mix)
13. LA Riots - Control Your Tuba (Teaser)"

& be sure to check LA Riots out this weekend at YOUNGBLOOD with Nero!

Jul 6, 2010

Diplo & Tiesto "C'mon" Toadally Krossed Out Remix

Toadally Krossed Out remix of that weird Diplo x Tiesto collabo "C'mon!" (coming out as a Beatport x Mad Decent exclusive, July 20th). This takes the cake... I wonder who these toad guys are!?