Jun 30, 2009

Da Castlevania

THIS SUNDAY we have Le Castlevania rolling through from ATLLLLL!!!!

He has all his remixes up for download at his Myspace right now, so you can get familiar.

But since you are here, here are some of our favs:

Le Castlevania - Zero Machine (dl)
Fukkk Off - Rave is King (LCV Remix) (dl)
Walter Meego - Keyhole (LCV Remix) (dl)

Jun 20, 2009



1) Phoenix - “Lisztomania (Holy Ghost! Loves Paris Remixomania)”
2) Holy Ghost! - “Hold On”
3) Only Fools and Horses - “Spectacle Wins (Holy Ghost! Remix)”
4) Moby - “I Love To Move In Here (Holy Ghost! Remix)”
5) They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - “Moon Song (Holy Ghost! Remix)”
6) In Flagranti - “Business Acumen (Holy Ghost! Version)”
7) Curses! - “The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub Mix)”

Facebook event details here (and we’ve got some listspots… e-mail radiozeroradio@gmail.com to request some!):


Jun 18, 2009

Des Animaux

Miike Snow - Animals (Fake Blood Remix) (dl)

Apparently it's Paul's favorite song. What a weirdo.

Jun 16, 2009

Lemme Twitter Dat




Classics by Classixx

Classixx are here along with da Cobrasnake for the next installment of Youngblood. Here are some treats:

Classixx - I'll Get You feat. Jeppe (dl)
Guns N Bombs - Riddle of Steel (Classixx Remix) (dl)
Beni - My Love Sees You (Classixx Remix) (dl)
Phoenix - Lisztomania (Classixx Version) (dl)

Jun 12, 2009

Felix Da Housecat - A Retrospective Pt. 3

With Felix Da Housecat's return to Vancouver for our inaugural YOUNGBLOOD this Sunday, our mini retrospective on the Chicago legend comes to a close. I might have summed up his career a little too succinctly (the real heads out there know there's way more to uncover when it comes to FDHC and his many aliases), but these posts were more about highlighting our favorite Felix tracks.

And so here, in 2009 we wait in anticipation for Felix's next musical endeavor in the form of his upcoming album, "He Was King":

HE WAS KING - Track by Track quotes from Felix.

1. We All Wanna Be Prince “Every lyric on that record is from a Prince song. I'm sure Prince is going to hear this! “

2. Plastik Fantastik “Straight up sexy”

3. KickDrum “You know this one!” (DL)


4. Do We Move Your World “Very Human League inspired, my straight up 80s tribute”

5. We “great interlude”

6. Spank You Very Much “A much slower version of Sex Shooter”

7. Do Not Try This At Home “This has a Tom Tom Club type vibe!”

8. Turn Me On A Summer Smile “Quentin Tarantino style live bass, live guitar and spooky keyboards!”

9. Elvi$ “2manydjs and Erol have been hammering this” (DL)

10. LA Ravers “This is the whole chopped up ‘Tweak' vibe”

11. Machine “This is like those Russian girls Tatu! That's my other electro pop moment. The one to make you smile!”

12. He Was King “This is my new ‘Pray For a Star' and that's a BIG STATEMENT because that's the favorite song I ever made. This is right up there!”


And there you have it. Now make sure to bring your asses down to Caprice on Sunday to check this legend in the flesh.

Jun 11, 2009

Felix Da Housecat - A Retrospective Pt. 2

Following the fairly swift decline of electro-clash (which made way for the rise of groups like Justice, Digitalism & Simian Mobile Disco and the "genre" "Blog-House"), Felix Da Housecat's prominence began a steady dwindle. He focused his attention to working on a "conceptual" electronic music album with the likes of P.Diddy, which still has yet to see the light of day. However, their collaborating did result in the birth of this track:

Most people are familiar with this version:

DL: Felix Da Housecat ft. P. Diddy - "Jack U" (Angello & Ingrosso Remix)

but we've (Ex Youth) been known to play this version:

DL: Felix Da Housecat ft. P. Diddy - "Jack U" (Angello & Ingrosso Remix/JFK MSTRKRFT Edit)

A few years later in 2007, showing clear influence from the proliferation of the aforementioned "Blog House", Felix came out with the album "Virgo Blaktro & The Movie Disco" ft. the single "Like Something 4 Porno":

EXCLUSIVE DL: Felix Da Housecat "Like Something 4 Porno" (JFK TBG EDIT)

While this interim period produced its fair share of tracks, it was far from the glory he experienced during his reign at the peak of electro-clash.

Up next... Retrospective Pt. 3 and the Present

Jun 10, 2009

Come Together!

This is the b-side for the "United Groove" single and it is out today on Mad Decent. GET (MAD) IT!

Jokerz vs. Burnz

Jokers of the Scene have a new remix of Burns you should check out. JOTS are currently touring in Europe. We have a really good time with them every time they are here in Vancouver.

Burns - Turbo (Jokers of the Scene Remix) (dl)

Jun 9, 2009


Yo kiddiez! We've got a special treat for you. Finally EXPENDABLE YOUTH's print exclusive YOUNGBLOOD promo mix is available for digital download:


1) Expendable Youth--Bells Intro/Congorock - Runark (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
2) Jack Beats - Get Down
3) Shinichi Osawa - Rendezvous (Crookers Remix)
4) Dance Area - AA 24/7 (Diplo Remix) / Ex Youth Mars Breakdown Edit
5) Diplo & LBL - Hey!
6) Jesse Rose - Izit (Honky Mix) (Exyouth Hoydown edit)
7) Afrojack - Do My Dance (Sidney Samson Remix)
8) Radioclit - Secousse (Mumdance Remix)
9) Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Switch Remix) (Kevstar's Latin Remix)
10) Sidney Samson - Riverside (Expendable Youth Edit)
11) Curses - The Deep End (Bart B More Dub Remix)
12) Hijack - Keep it Real (Oliver $ Remix)
13) Steve Angello feat Robin S - Be (Afrojack Remix)
14) Sharooz - Get Off (Original Mix) // Bloody Beetroots - Warp 1.9
15) Zombie Nation - Forza (Fukkk Offf Remix) //
16) Proxy - Raven (Diplo Bubblin' Edit)
17) Lazaro Casanova - Venganza (Felix Cartal Remix)
18) Lazy Jay - Float My Boat
19) Radioslave - Ego Trippin'
20) Blaqstarr and Diplo - Get Off (Rob Threezy Remix)
21) Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance
22) Gel Abril - Spells of Yoruba (Tactic Edit)
23) House of Stank - Make U Jack (Santiago & Bushido Remix) (Exyouth Zwivetty Edit)
24) Juan Maclean - One Day (Surkin Remix)
25) Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn (Ex Youth Edit)
26) SIS - Trompeta // DJ Funk - Pump It (Erk-N-Jerk Mix)
27) Soul Central - Strings of Life (Martin Van Helden & Mark Knight Toolroom Mix)

Jun 8, 2009

Felix Da Housecat - A Retrospective Pt. 1

As y'allz already know, we're launching off our BRAND NEW Youngblood Sunday party with the Vancouver return of the one and only legendary Felix Da Housecat.

Felix has a long and storied career as a DJ/Producer, and his influence has helped shape the dance music landscape as we know it today.

Throughout the early to late 90's, Felix Da Housecat was a staple of the Chicago house music scene, but it wasn't until 1998 that we caught a glimpse of his signature style in the album (under his pseudonym Thee Maddkatt Courtship), I Know Elektrikboy. Although the album never saw proper release in either the US or UK, it planted the seed for a sound that would eventually come to define him.

Download: Thee Maddkatt Courtship - "My Life Muzik"

Next we saw Felix developing his sound further into what came to be known as "electro-clash". To this day, he's perhaps best known for being one of the primary architects of this early-mid 00's movement. Likewise, the explosion of this dance music scene in New York's underground helped usher in the rise of parties like the Misshapes and even paved the way for groups like Justice to start gaining recognition.

Download: Felix Da Housecat - "Ready 2 Wear"

Pt. 2 coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Jun 4, 2009

Dino Time

We are really loving everything everything about Greco Roman's (Hot Chip, etc.) Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs...

TEED also recently did a mixtape for Dazed Digital that you should familiarize yourself with.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Bournemouth (128) (dl)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Bournemouth (Tomb Crew Remix) (dl)


Jun 3, 2009

United Groove

Here's the video for the title track L-Vis 1990's forthcoming 'United Groove' EP. Can't....wait....