Feb 4, 2010

Champion Sound

 D I S C O D U S T posted this Hey Champ remix of Priors yesterday, with a little blurb about French house vet Raw Man. The Hey Champ remix is so good that we just had to share it here. It's got a bit of a different vibe than the other tracks and mixes we usually post--think Fred Falke, Lifelike, etc.--but they've breathed new life into one of my favorite indulgences tracks of last summer. Highly recommended.

Priors - What You Need (Hey Champ Remix) [dl via Discodust]

And all that talk about Raw Man reminded us of a tune of his that came out on Crydamoure a long, long time ago, and was definitely a formative track for the two Youths:

Raw Man - Lovers [dl]

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