Jul 21, 2010

The Martin Brothers - "Steal Drums (Ex Youth Edit)"

The Dirtybird crew doesn't pop up around these parts often, but we definitely love and appreciate everything they do. However, we made an exception this time 'cause the new Martin Brothers track, "Steal Drums", has a roaring bassline that gives it instant bang0r status.

The original has some melodic stuff and techy breakdowns that made it less bang0r-y, so like the good bros we are we stripped all of that out, added a familiar vocal drop and presto, chango: "Steal Drums" is now a certified bang0r!

Preview/Download it here:

Steal Drums (Expendable Youth Get Down Edit) by Expendable Youth

and for those who like all that techy business, make sure to buy the original from Beatport.

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