Jun 12, 2009

Felix Da Housecat - A Retrospective Pt. 3

With Felix Da Housecat's return to Vancouver for our inaugural YOUNGBLOOD this Sunday, our mini retrospective on the Chicago legend comes to a close. I might have summed up his career a little too succinctly (the real heads out there know there's way more to uncover when it comes to FDHC and his many aliases), but these posts were more about highlighting our favorite Felix tracks.

And so here, in 2009 we wait in anticipation for Felix's next musical endeavor in the form of his upcoming album, "He Was King":

HE WAS KING - Track by Track quotes from Felix.

1. We All Wanna Be Prince “Every lyric on that record is from a Prince song. I'm sure Prince is going to hear this! “

2. Plastik Fantastik “Straight up sexy”

3. KickDrum “You know this one!” (DL)


4. Do We Move Your World “Very Human League inspired, my straight up 80s tribute”

5. We “great interlude”

6. Spank You Very Much “A much slower version of Sex Shooter”

7. Do Not Try This At Home “This has a Tom Tom Club type vibe!”

8. Turn Me On A Summer Smile “Quentin Tarantino style live bass, live guitar and spooky keyboards!”

9. Elvi$ “2manydjs and Erol have been hammering this” (DL)

10. LA Ravers “This is the whole chopped up ‘Tweak' vibe”

11. Machine “This is like those Russian girls Tatu! That's my other electro pop moment. The one to make you smile!”

12. He Was King “This is my new ‘Pray For a Star' and that's a BIG STATEMENT because that's the favorite song I ever made. This is right up there!”


And there you have it. Now make sure to bring your asses down to Caprice on Sunday to check this legend in the flesh.

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