May 17, 2010

DJ Mehdi & Riton present: Carte Blanche

So I guess DJ Mehdi (FR) and Riton (UK) decided they had a lot in common-- namely a deep love for Chicago & Detroit house & techno-- so they decided to move in together, living an idyllic life for a year in Paris doing nothing but making tracks.

According to Mehdipedia, the result of this live-in collabo is a project called Carte Blanche and it's supposed to be dropping on Ed Banger Records soon... which is nice to hear, because those guys haven't done anything relevant (outside of maybe Breakbot) since 2007. Here's a preview:

Also, according to Mehdi “DJ MEHDI and RITON will tour as CARTE BLANCHE in May and June 2010, visiting all major cities in Europe and North-America. Four decks, one mixer, and a TR 909, of course. No bangers, strictly house music. Their first EP is set to drop on ED BANGER in May 2010 as well.”

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