Mar 9, 2010

Diplo: The Early Years w/ HOLLERTRONIX

In honor of the Youngblood Sundays relaunch featuring Diplo, we've decided to do a career retrospective on the venerated DJ/Producer that has influenced the new crop of DJs (including your very own Expendable Youth!) and helped shape much of the current pop culture landscape.

If you weren't a hipster in the early aughts, you probably missed out on Diplo's early career output. Back in '03-'05, wayyy before Mad Decent & Major Lazer, Diplo was best known as being 1/2 of the Philly-based music collective, Hollertronix, with DJ Lowbudget (now Low-Bee).

More info & downloads,

Hollertronix basically helped pioneer the mash-up craze that took the early to mid aughts by storm, but set themselves apart by touching on musical genres that most DJs lacked the insight to explore. Armed with a critical ear, Diplo put the spotlight on completely unknown regional dance music genres such as Baltimore Club & Baile Funk, mixing them with dirty south rap, obscure indie & punk, disco and pop. This collaboration with Low-B led to a numbered edits series called Hollertronix (now in its 10th installment) & a variety of pioneering mixtapes:

DOWNLOAD: Hollertronix - "Never Scared"
1   Never Scared 7:47
2   Don't Get It Twisted 7:11
3   Thick Jawns 5:54
4   Real Jawns 5:18
5   So Many Shrimp 6:25
6   Feeling Some Type Of Way 6:17
7   Fall Back 5:43
8   Dear Shorty 6:46
9   Sweet To The Belly 6:23
10   Ol Head 9:58
11   Gujarati Soundclassh 12:01

Hollertronix Edits:

DOWNLOAD: Hollertronix Vol. 4
1. Busta Rhymes VS Daft Punk - Buy It Use It (Diplo Remix)
2. Daft Punk - Buy It Use It (Diplo Remix Instrumental) 3:48
3. Janet Jackson VS Dead Prez - Let's Get Control 4:11
(Bangers Remix)
4. M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun (Scotty B + King Tut's Unruly Remix) 3:40
5. Missy Elliott Feat. Vybz Kartel - Bad Man (Diplo Remix) 2:37
6. Madonna - Hanged Up (Mad Decent Remix) 4:46

DOWNLOAD: Hollertronix Vol. 7
1 betty
2 work is never over
3 u used ta hold me
4 d.a.n.c.e. some more
5 okay annie
6 groove is the dick

DOWNLOAD: Hollertronix Vol. 8
01 DJ Sega - Last Resort
02 DJ Sega - Woo Hah
03 DJ Blaqstarr - Smack
04 DJ Sega - Bodies Hit The Floor
05 DJ Sega - Dig
06 DJ Sega - Fuck Um


  1. trés swexy history

  2. awww, when i loved diplo.
    i will sell my autographed (DIPLO!) hollertronix shirt,.........

    10 dollah.

  3. why peeps use rapidshare when theres megaupload and mediafire? i'll never know..

    but respect!

  4. Did anyone get his Still Tippin (Remix) that was early 04 05

  5. omg i remember hearing his early stuff for the first was mind blowing...the mixes and different sounds.

  6. if anyone can find the LAST RESORT hollertronix remix... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact

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